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This is the home page of the Open Source LUSID Web-based Personal Development Planning System.

LUSID enables you to: record your experiences and achievements and to reflect on them in terms of skills which might well be useful for employment; to keep a journal or log; to plan goals and activities; to perform skills audits and access skills guidance and to automatically construct your CV.

You can register for a test account if you want to have a look at LUSID. If you already have an account then you can Login here. (Note well: please bear in mind that the usual way to use LUSID with a course or module is to create a set of customised pages and not use the full system. The full system is often confusing to novice users.)

LUSID is an interactive fully customisable web-based Personal Development Planning (PDP) tool written in Java.

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LUSID is available for download at Source Forge.

You may contact us direct.


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